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Angels rookie Adenhart killed in car crash [09 Apr 2009|08:44pm]


Angels rookie Adenhart killed in car crash

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)—Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others were killed by a suspected drunk driver Thursday, a shocking end to the life of a rookie who had overcome major elbow surgery to realize his big league dreams.

The accident in neighboring Fullerton occurred hours after the 22-year-old pitcher made his season debut with his father in the stands, throwing six scoreless innings against the Oakland Athletics. The Angels ultimately lost the game, 6-4.

The team postponed Thursday night’s game with Oakland, the final one of their season-opening series.

“It is a tragedy that will never be forgotten,” manager Mike Scioscia said at an Angel Stadium news conference.

Adenhart’s father, Jim, a retired Secret Service agent, walked onto the field in the empty stadium Thursday and spent several moments alone on the pitcher’s mound. Wearing a red sweatshirt, the Angels’ color, he briefly covered his eyes with one hand.

Jim Adenhart also spoke during a closed-door meeting of players and team officials.

“He just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity, thank you for raising his kid in minor league ball on up through the system in the Angels’ organization,” outfielder Torii Hunter said.

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Angels sign closer Brian Fuentes [01 Jan 2009|03:12am]


Angels, Fuentes agree to deal

LOS ANGELES -- Reliever Brian Fuentes and the Los Angeles Angels reached agreement on a $17.5 million, two-year contract Wednesday, likely giving the AL West champions a replacement for record-setting closer Francisco Rodriguez.

Fuentes will earn $8.5 million for 2009 and $9 million for 2010. The contract includes a $9 million vesting option for 2011, based on games finished, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.

"He should solidify the back part of our bullpen," Angels general manager Tony Reagins said on a conference call. "We pitched well last year, we expect to pitch well again."

The 33-year-old Fuentes was a three-time National League All-Star. The lefty was 1-5 with 30 saves in 34 chances and a 2.73 ERA for Colorado this season and then became a free agent. He struck out 82 in 62 2/3 innings.

"I'm definitely happy to have the opportunity to play for a team that I've watched for a long time," said Fuentes, who grew up in Merced, Calif., and still lives there. "My 2-year-old's excited. He can't wait to go to Disneyland."

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Angels decline option on Garret Anderson [29 Oct 2008|02:42pm]


Angels decline option on Garret Anderson

Garret Anderson has played more games as an Angel than anyone else. But now it looks as if he won't play another.

The team announced Tuesday that it would not be picking up Anderson's $14-million option for 2009, leaving the 36-year-old outfielder's future with the franchise in doubt after 14 seasons.

The Angels will pick up club options for right-hander John Lackey ($9 million) and outfielder Vladimir Guerrero ($15 million). But Anderson, a Los Angeles native who has never played for another organization, will be bought out of his contract for $3 million -- though the team has not ruled out re-signing him as a free agent.

"We're going to continue talking with him," General Manager Tony Reagins said of Anderson, who hit .293 with 15 home runs and 84 runs batted in last season, when he made $12 million. "He still wants to play. He still thinks he can play a significant role, as far as getting 500 or 600 at-bats. We just need to determine whether we have that place for him."

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I seem to get sarcastic when upset, see... [04 Oct 2008|01:32am]

0 for 9 with 5 k's and 12 left on base
and also, an amazing job of not covering the base during Ellsbury's stolen base.
So the award for the biggest dud goes to...
No, not Gary Matthews Jr., the odds on favorite before the series started,
and at the bargain price of $9,400,000 for the year, one of the great duds in Angels history.
Nope, with the numbers listed above, this awards got to none other then Howie Kendrick.
Also, hugs and kisses for striking out to end the game.
Way to earn it.

Yes, I'm a bit angry.
I hate boston, if they have to lose, just not to boston... or the yankees (who luckily don't figure into this post season).

What a pathetic game. All those missed opportunities.
After Hunter, the lineup is a dead zone.

Time to sleep it off and hope they can pull off the seriously unlikely.
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[24 Sep 2008|08:41am]

We are soooo kicking ass!!!!! Woooooooo
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JOE SAUNDERS [12 Jul 2008|09:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

i just wanted to make this post to let everyone know that his wife, is in labor and he might not be able to go to the game tomorrow in oakland. i only say this because he has the game tomorrow he's supposed to pitch and he might not be there because of the birth of his first child.

congrats to the saunders family!!

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College fans are you in? [23 Apr 2008|10:39pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

College Night Thursday, May 1st at 7:05 p.m. at the Big A...are you in?

I'm going to try and go

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Finally... [18 Jul 2007|10:35pm]

Santana sent to the minors
I have faith he'll work it out, he's young and he's been great in the past, but this is obviously something he needs to work out on the minor league level.

Also, I finally signed up for MLB.TV. It's really pretty cool (although Sunday it kept crapping out whenever the Angels had runners in scoring position). Finally, I get to watch the Angels from Brooklyn.
Very cool, indeed.
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weak side of the rotation [08 Jul 2007|03:09pm]

Santana did it again
9 earned runs in 3 innings
that guy simply sucks on the road and it's getting tiresome
but give him credit, he lasted longer then Colon (pulled after 2 innings on Friday)
personally, I think it's really time to call back up Saunders
either have him pitch for Santana on occasion or take Colon's spot
I'm not saying Saunders would be a miracle cure, and I know the Angels staff has a much better eye for this kind of thing then I do, but it would be nice to mix it up a bit
I seriously doubt (well, I hope not, anyways) that Colon will be an angel after this season
granted, the Cy Young was awesome, but the magic stopped there
now his $16,000,000 salary seems a little strange next to his 6.44 era
oh well, he'll probably be back on the DL in a couple weeks, then Saunders will get another chance

on an upbeat note, Lackey was phenomenal yesterday
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[04 Jul 2007|06:06pm]

let's go angels

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